EMS GROUP was primarily established to Design, Manufacture and Export, Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipments. Over the years, with the rich Technical Background of the Promoters, EMS GROUP has started providing Complete Turnkey Project Solutions including Design, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning in various fields.

We have a wide range of proprietary solid-liquid separation equipments for water and wastewater treatment like Flocculators, Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Thickeners, Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters, Pre-treator, Screens, Detritors, Aerators etc.

Water Treatment plants for customized applications is our forte.. Treatment Plants for critical applications in various Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food processing etc have also been supplied.

Pretreatment Equipments

Equipments used in the preliminary stages of water treatment.

�timedia Filters
ᣴivated Carbon Filters
�ron Filters
⡧ Filters

Ion Exchange Systems

Equipments used, to reduce minerals and hardness in water.

�ed Bed

Membrane Systems

Equipments used to polish the water to desired levels of process requirements.

⥶erse Osmosis Systems [Single and Double Pass]
ꠠ Ultrafiltration
嬥ctro de ionization

Microbiological Treatment Equipments

Equipments used, wherein microbiological activity is deterrent to the final product or the process.

㨥mical Dosing Systems
嬴raviolet Sterilisers
ꠠ Absolute Micron Filteration

Waste Water Treatment Projects

Sewage, Effluent and other types of Waste Water treated and processed as per clients or pollution control norms form an integral part of our equipment supplies.


⥡ctivator Clarifiers
橸ed Bridge across the Tank
橸ed Bridge with Centre Pier
ॲipherally Driven


橸ed Bridge Across the tank
⯴ating Bridge

Other Equipments

ﮬy Drives for all type of Clarifiers and Clariflocculators.
粩t Separator Mechanism
�hanical of Manual Bar Screens
㵲face Aerators of Inverted core Design and Submerged Aerators
䲩ckling Filters
ﶥrload Mechanical Devices for Drive Heads
⥬t Filter Screens

New Product

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Mechanical Process Equipment
  • Water & Waste Water Plant Equipment
  • Marketing
  • Turnkey Projects
Our Product
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