Electrical Equipment

EMS GROUP is one of the leading and fast growing panel board manufacturing company of Gujarat, situated at Ahmedabad. Company is engaged in manufacturing all type of panel boards like PCC, MCC, APFC, synchronizing panels and bus ducts.

Being a professional panel manufacturing company, we house a complete range of equipments and machineries required for manufacturing high quality panel boards. supplying to all types of industries all over India.

We have implemented a complete quality control system and strictly adhere to internal quality control standards. Our highly trained staff members monitor the entire production process and ensure that all final products meet the expectations of our client.

Our professional engineers are able to research our client's requirements to determine how our product can be more reliable & efficient to serve them better.

With a young team of well-educated professionals trained I such fields as design, development, manufacturing, we are confident in our ability to continue the higher growth rate of our company.

An excellent growth rate we have achieved with having an extremely sharp focus on quality and workmanship. We have fully equipped workshop and team of technocrats which make us able to supply high quality panel boards.

Power Control Center

- Main LT panel / PCC with single / Multiple Incomers, bus couplers, with proper interlocking
- Required protections, Fault indications, interlocking are provided.
- Various designs are offered in PCC like top / middle / bottom horizontal bus chambers, panel with Aluminum / Copper bus bars, top / bottom / front / rear cable termination, combinations of APFC part with PCC.
- Required facilities like DG incomer with AMF functions, Cut-Off of non essential feeders at the event of failure of mains power.
- Panel with provision to connect bus duct at main incomer side.

Synchronizing Panel

- Fully automatic synchronizing panels operated by microprocessor based relays.
- AMF, Auto synchronizing, Manual synchronizing, Auto load sharing, Active & Reactive power management with protection such as U/V, O/V, E/F, O/C IDMT, reverse power etc.
- Load unbalance metering such as Ammeter, Voltmeter, Hz meter, KW, PF, KWH, Double Volt, Double Hz, Synchroscope.
- Team of experts to provide commencing / site services.

Motor Control Center

- Fix / Draw out Type MCC
- Motor control center with DOL / RDOL / SD starters.
- Various designs provided like single / Double Front, Fixed / Draw out type, with DCS / Marshaling terminations.
- Required control voltage facilities with control transformer, control bus.
- All starters are provided with type 2 co-ordinations where required.


- APFC panel with microprocessor based relays for controlling power factor within required values
- RTPFC panels using thermistor based capacitor switching
- Automatic Power Factor (APF) Controller Panel/RT APFC Panel designer and supplier in India. APF (Automatic Power Factor) controller manufacturer and exporter providing quality electrical component across India and across globe with power factor correction application.

Bus Ducts

- Bus ducts with required rating, Fault Level.
- Designing of Bus duct to achieve required Fault level, Considering , Temperature rise, Thermal Rating, Stress, withstand capacity and all applicable derating factors.

ᵴo Mains Failure Panel
⥬ay control panel
楥der Pillar
鮳trument control panel
㨡nge Over panel
௷er Distrubation Board
쩧hting Distrubation Board

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